A Speck In Time And Space

by Moonah Ripp

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released December 1, 2016

Recorded by Michael Clarke at Echidna Studios
Mixed by Michael Clarke in a shed near Melbourne
Mastered by Matt Sibthorpe at Forte Mastering
Design by Sarah Luckhurst

Moonah Ripp are Lucky, Jezza, Delvex and Danus. Brendon Mellere played bass on these recordings.

All songs on this release were written by Ryan Luckhurst and performed by Moonah Ripp.

The copywrite in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Moonah Ripp



all rights reserved


Moonah Ripp VIC, Australia

From roots/rock to reggae/rap, Moonah showcase a diverse array of styles, with an infectious groove that keeps you moving your feet for the whole show. With a collective 30 years experience playing shows, the guys have shared the stage with the likes of Grindspoon, Ash Grunwald, Blue King Brown, Dallas Frasca and Shane Howard to name a few. It's no wonder the group are experiencing success. ... more

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Track Name: Worlds Away
If we’re one of many species on a rock, one of many rocks, orbiting one ball of gas of many in the universe then….
We’d better take care of what we got.

In a picture that’s so big, we’re merely a twig, wet enough not to turn to dust, dry enough not to turn to algae….
Smart enough to dumb us into trusting….and if

Only one member of that species on that only rock, the only one that ticks the box, decides he wants to take the lot then…..
You’d better hope that we don’t let him……coz

Once the fresh water’s gone the clean air soon turns into smog the trees turn into burning logs and all thats left are robots……
Paying for their hearts in parts on Wall St

I wish I could show you……that you and I are much the same
But the lie that’s controlling you…..means you and I are worlds away

Stuck here not getting off, we don’t protect the one we got, the one’s we love look down from up above and wonder how we lost it all…..
It used be bout unity we’d spread the love…….if it’s

You and me then them and who eliminate the hate, we’re all the same a different face, just a speck in time and space……
A little speck can make a world of change

I wish I could show you……that you and I are much the same
But the lie that’s controlling you…..means you and I are worlds away X2
Track Name: Been Here Before
Just sitting here thinking bout the past i know and the future long ahead
Always second guessing the path I chose though I never want it to end
If your ever wondering what gives me hope given there’s no quotes left
It’s knowing the fact that we got room to grow and you’ll never hold me back again

I Have seen this before
I have been here before X2

Does it really matter about the things you’ve done, who you’ve become?
Even if it did then it matters to who and if that’s not you then
do you really care and if you don’t compare then it’s not unfair
Building bridges just to cross my path and get the hell away from here

I have seen this before
I have been here before X2

When you really think of it it’s minor shit that makes you want to quit so
i’m busy sweeping up my life in bits after my mind explodes
We’ve come a long way since we were 3 young kids how were we to know
Everything we learnt until that night meant shit, now we’re on our own

I have seen this before
I have been here before X4
Track Name: Trippin' Over Tracks
2 steps back always trippin’ on rocks and holes, like the one’s in your socks it’s old,
I don’t feel like i’m coming back
You know you’d do better if life was a strait line, work it out before you run out of time,
before the colours all turn to black.
Could you bare it if you never even dared to chase a dream instead.
It’s never really gone, just hidden in a song…

Take your life, turn it upside down and tip out all the time
Make it count, flip it back, make sure you let it out
Lose the doubt and take what’s only yours
You can’t keep neglecting the fact that you’re trippin’ over tracks that maybe yours

Don’t trip, there’s only one way to fall, bounce back into a room with doors for walls
keys lying on the floor where you were before
Still searching for the track within we got no choice but to kick em in.
I wont live this life without a trace
Do you really think they care it’s the life you love not theirs
deep down we have faith all we need to fuel the chase


Every night I look above, amongst our galaxy
at a billion stars and planets, and wonder where I've been
We can’t reach them here from earth but we can reach them in our dreams
When we pass away this life we’re gone or so it seems
Are we really gone? Or just a million light years away singing the same song.
Every time you dream, a little star dust falls upon your path to remind you where you’ve been.

Track Name: Smoke Screens
I’ve said it once, i’ve said it twice, but no one ever listens to their own advice.
That’s what you get when you leave it to your own devices, i’ve done this too many times.
I’m needing help, but too afraid to ask, always too fuckin wasted to perform the task.
Takin’ steps to avoid the mid life crisis, so it’s over before it starts.
Don’t know where ya going, so you run away but the destination never mattered in the first place.
It’s who ya with not where ya at, that’s why i’m always comin’ back, got everything I need where i’m at.
Ya can’t keep going on the way that you do, if you do keep going on the way that you can’t
just remember, ya can’t walk in 2 pairs of shows. All that you do, will be doomed from the start.

It’s been, too long, remember where your from
It’s been, too long, all smoke screens are gone

Sorry brother, this isn’t who I really am, we’re one another but i’m different on the other hand
I find myself when i’m starring into space, you question how I spend my days, calling it a waste
I spent my childhood disappearing into smoke screens, no magic trick can erase what i’ve seen.
Delete what I know, forget where i’ve been. Come to a show if you wanna see the real me…



Track Name: Across The Water
She lives in a broken home,
has lost more than we could bare
She leaves her children in a grave unknown,
the search for someone who cares

Her life across the border,
her life on the run
No life across the water,
can be worse than this one.
So falls the setting sun

She crossed her fingers with hope to float,
and safely land upon your shore
I’ll risk it all,
coz I can’t handle it anymore.

She was taken by the water
As the old boat sunk
No lesson life had taught her
can be worse than this one
So falls the setting sun….

What have we become, we can see, we can hear
Blind eyes till this is done, cries fall on deafened ears
What have we become.